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Thursday, January 14, 2010
VVVVVV Reviewed
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 9 comments

DIYGamer recently posted a review of Terry Cavanagh's VVVVVV, a new retro action platform game for Mac and Windows computers. In the game players take the role of a spaceship captain trying to save his crew and escape a strange new world. To navigate VVVVVV's levels players make use of the captain's ability to reverse gravity.

Once upon a time, video games made you work really hard to succeed. They made you learn patterns, start over constantly, and deal with the ramifications of whether or not you wanted to pass the controller from your hand through the front of your television screen in a physical manifestation of how you feel about your character’s most recent death. In this day and age, where Nintendo now has a feature that will play its games for you so you don’t have to struggle with the “hard” parts, we luckily have the independent game world. The beautifully, aggravating platformer is alive and well in the indie gaming scene, and Terry Cavanagh’s latest title VVVVVV is a brilliant, modern manifestation of this retro feel.

The main mechanic weaving through VVVVVV is the character’s ability to flip gravity with the simple touch of a button. When you’re standing on any surface, you can simple hit your action button to flip to the ceiling, and vice versa. The switch only affects the character, not any other items or obstacles that may be in the room. The changes can’t be made mid-flip, only if you’re standing on a flat surface (or hit any number of gravity flipping triggers spread out throughout the game). If it were not for the spot-on controls and sheer simplicity of movement, this could have been disastrous. But the movement is so simple and natural, that you can actually play the game one-handed with just the arrow keys, using up and down to flip gravity. I often found myself wandering through the game world with one hand on the keyboard, the other freely scratching my chin trying to figure out which area to explore next. But when sections got more intense, I’d switch to keep my free hand on the spacebar (another option of gravity flipping) so I felt like I had a little more control.

You have a map of the game world that clears up as you explore more and more, and handy teleportation units link different areas of the world so you can quickly get to the vicinity of an area you know you need to open up. These quick jumps around the game world are quite useful to help track down your crew and the twenty Trinkets scattered around the world as well. Several sections of the game take place in dimensions outside of the main map, which are exciting additions to an otherwise (relatively) straightforward experience. Most screens in the level sections of the game are titled at the top or bottom with clever names, certain ones which will stick with you long after you stop playing the game. And as though you need to be reminded, upon completion the game tells you exactly which room you died the most in (though it will already be burned into your retinas).
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