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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

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Machinarium Reviewed
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

GameShark has posted a review of Machinarium. The point and click adventure game follows the adventures of a robot who must find a way to save his girlfriend and his city from a group of villains known as the Black Cap Brotherhood. GS gave the game a letter grade of A.

From the review:

Gameplay is pure point-and-click, with no frills. You can click and drag on your robotís body to make him taller or shorter, and you interact with sensitive spots in the environment. Items and tools can be picked up, combined, and used once (and only once), though itís nearly impossible to actually mess up. Youíre given one hint per level in the form of a quickie thought bubble designed to get you started towards the solution Ė though playing through an arduous little shooter minigame yields a more complete tutorial.

The gameplay reaches a ridiculous difficulty level, making the eventual solutions incredibly rewarding. There were sections I spent an hour in until I figured out the proper sequence of events, and others where I gave up twice, only returning later with the perfect solution. Itís the sort of game that absolutely gets ďinto your headĒ and simply refuses to let go. In other words, this game is pure, chocolate-coated crack for hardcore puzzle fans.

Adding to the addictiveness and the charm is the phenomenal art style. The entire world is an intricate, hand-drawn robo-dystopia, with each screen representing a small chunk of handcrafted beauty. I found myself staring and spacing out in between puzzles, just taking in the whole bleak, cartoon-y world. Itís vaguely reminiscent of Revolutionís cyberpunk adventure Beneath a Steel Sky and the first thirty minutes of WallĖE, the former in gameplay and overall world, the latter in storytelling and tone.
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GameShark: Machinarium Review
Amanita Design
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