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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

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EVE Online Dominion Updates Explained
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

CCP Games has released a new developer blog highlighting some recent updates brought by they Dominion expansion for its sci-fi MMO, EVE Online. The post details such changes as the ability to quit mission arcs, new Gallente storyline missions, adjustments to older mission arc rewards, and the addition of faction standing rewards.

Imagine a world where you couldn't earn awesome things. You've destroyed fleets, razed stations, and rescued the Damsel over 473 times. Now at last, you're on your Epic Arc, you're taking out the enemy construction yards with the plasma-neutron-accelerometer bomb, and when you finally turn in the mission you're told you can' t have more than a standard level 4 payout. Hooray.

When Apocrypha was first being developed, the flagship Epic Arc - "Blood-Stained Stars" - was conceived as a new player-friendly experience. To that end the system was designed to not allow the player to accidently quit or decline out of the arc. It worked well for "Blood-Stained Stars," but as we proceeded to author higher-level content this behavior became less desirable.

With the new pirate arcs, we've brought back the ability to quit. Simply put, if you quit from or decline missions in these arcs, then you're out of the arc. There's no running that mission again in an exploitable loop. The three-month timer still kicks in, so if you quit out of the arc you can try again in three months' time. While this makes these arcs more risky, it also allows us to be freer with rewards. Previous arcs will continue to behave as they always have.

Another feature in Dominion is our new batch of Gallente Storyline missions. There are two main mission types, "Mining Base Camp" and "Troop Buildup," each with variants based on difficulty and particular target. Each mission stems from the past year's Faction Warfare resultsHeth's resultant sale of key Gallente systems to the Caldari megacorps, and the Federation's reaction.

We're excited about these missions. We coordinated closely with CCP TonyG, CCP Ginger, and the rest of the EVE Storyline Board for specific PvE content. Also, these missions send players to specific solar systems rather than simply sending them some random number of jumps from the agent's location. This allows us to draw out themes for specific locales in the EVE universe. There are also obvious potential impacts on player traffic that we are eager to watch.

Why only Gallente? This feature wasn't planned in the beginning. The Fates were kind enough to open a window for us. But we only had enough time for one faction, not all. Between some or none, we opted for none. If you guys respond well to these missions, we'll definitely produce more. So why Gallente? We were keen to play with the storyhooks in-game that have been dangling around the ingame news for months now. Expect more integrations of news and fiction with in-game content in the future.
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EVE Online: Recent Dominion Updates
CCP Games
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