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Monday, November 16, 2009

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United States Of Pool Released
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Mac Games and More has announced the release of United States of Pool, a billiards game focusing on 9-Ball. The game includes an arcade mode for a more casual experience with or without an opponent, or a more traditional match of 9-Ball against another player.

United States of Pool is a set of billiards games that allows you to travel across America stopping off in various cities to play a match of 9-Ball pool and more. In order to advance to the next city, players are required to earn a minimum number of points and win the game against their opponent.

United States of Pool features two kinds of game play. An arcade mode for one or two players, where the rules of 9-Ball are only loosely enforced and includes fun bonuses that add speed and different movement to balls as well as opportunities to earn points and more shots. The other game play involves two players playing a straight game of 9-Ball, where the actual rules of 9-Ball are strictly enforced.

United States of Pool incorporates very realistic physics and sound effects and therefore comes very close to feeling like a real game of pool, as close as one could get inside a Mac computer game. Players choose their avatars from a choice of 15 characters, and are able to customize them by adding their own names if desired. They can also choose the color of the table top from five different colors.
United States of Pool costs $9.95 (USD). A free trial version is available to download at the website below.

Mac Games and More
United States of Pool

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