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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

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The Robotic Adventures Of Machinarium
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

GameSpot has posted a review of the recently released Mac version of Machinarium. The point and click adventure game follows the adventures of a robot who must find a way to save his girlfriend and his city from a group of villains known as the Black Cap Brotherhood. GameSpot gave the game a score of 8 out of 10.

From the review:

It won't take you long to be drawn in by Machinarium's beautiful 2D visuals. This world of rusting robots and intricate machines is drawn in clever, quirky strokes. A hulking guard coddles his inoperable teddy bear, seeking out batteries for his friend in front of an orange-hued industrial landscape. Cobwebs stretch between winding pipes that lead to no discernible place and have no discernible purpose. Aging brown buildings are weathered by jagged cracks and dull stains while distant leaning towers covered with rivets and antennas spew smoke into the atmosphere. A wonderful clinkety-clank soundtrack enhances the mechanical mood with its alternately tuneful and discordant strains. This isn't really a place you'd want to live, but it's a place you believe robots would want to live.

And what characters these robots are--expressing devotion, boredom, and frustration through deft animations and cute-but-sparse sound effects. One woman (if she could be called that) protects herself with an umbrella while wheezing into a whistle, apparently seeking an unseen taxi. A trio of street musicians toots and bangs on the corner, much to the dismay of the unhappy tenant in the apartment above. And then there's your own character, an unlikely hero seeking to be reunited with his one true love. It's a simple journey, but the spirited protagonist is so lovable that every step closer to your goal feels like a big triumph. A few wonderful visual touches add extra poignancy. For example, in one section, the screen goes dark and you see only a few prison cells, which makes the scene feel claustrophobic. Machinarium often manipulates your monitor's real estate in this manner, and not only is this trick effective, but it also makes the fuller environments that follow feel even more spacious.
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GameSpot: Machinarium Reviewed
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