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Thursday, October 8, 2009

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Diablo III: Alternatives To The Mana Resource
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Diii.net recently posted some of the results of an interview with Blizzard Entertainment's Jay Wilson about Diablo III, the upcoming continuation of its action RPG franchise. The Q&A focused on the resource systems to be used for the Monk and Wizard classes. In Diablo III only the Witch Doctor will make use of mana, with the other classes each having their own unique resource pool.

Diii.net: Everyone seems pretty happy with the function and form of the Barbarianís Fury resource, but nothing has been revealed about the non-mana resources that the Wizard and Monk will use. Can you give us some insight into what kind of play style their resources are meant to encourage?
Jay Wilson: Well for the Wizard we want to enforce the fact that sheís a glass cannon. I donít think itís fun to ever run out of mana. Iím not really interested in an extended resource for her. For the WD weíre okay with mana, since heís got some pretty good skills to recover mana that also double as attacks. And heís not defenseless when heís out of mana. Heís got pets and ways to attack with them that arenít mana intensive. For him that makes mana fairly interesting.
For the wizard, when sheís out of mana she just dies. And thatís not fun. So if anything, we want to encourage how she plays. So sheís the kind of character that blasts first and asks questions later. Very vulnerable. So we want to implement a system that makes her more blasty, but even more vulnerable. We want to make that a choice for the player. ďDo I want to make myself more vulnerable in exchange for being more blasty.Ē And thatís a cool gameplay pull there.
For the Monk umÖ Iím not ready to talk about him yet since heís just too early. We still havenít decided exactly what we want to do with him. Weíre still playing around with his resource system.

Diii.net: Do you envision the health globes will boost those other resources in the way that the Wizard and Witch Doctor were gaining mana from them at Blizzcon?
Jay Wilson:Um, maybe? *sounding intrigued* Usually in the third or fourth skill revision on classes we look at that kind of thing. For the Witch Doctor we figured that a lot of the mana things we had on the Wizard would work better on the Witch Doctor. We were having trouble maintaining enough mana while play testing the Witch Doctor. Especially if players didnít take a specific mana recovery skill. So we focused on spreading that out across a lot more of the class so he can pull mana back more easily. When we get to other classes Iím sure weíll look for more of that.
But the key is that we donít necessarily want toÖ. we donít want to cannibalize an existing gameplay mechanic. So when you take health globes that are already important, and you make them even more important, then that doesnít really create gameplay. For the WD, the health globes werenít that important a lot of times, since he very rarely took damage with his pets, so for him by enhancing his desire for health globes, weíre really putting gameplay where it wasnít. So whatever weíre designing a class thatís what we look at.
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