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Friday, January 5, 2001

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Tropico Preview
4:35 PM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

GamesDomain has posted a preview of the upcoming dictator-sim Tropico.
This game takes the sim genre on a new adventure by making you a dictator on a
tropical island (with at least a few character flaws). Tropico is using an enhanced
version of the Railroad Tycoon II engine, which should give you an idea of it's graphic
capabilities. Your biggest task as dictator will be making decisions to keep your
people from revolting you out of office. Here's a clip with more:

The big question is what means you have to affect the course of the game. Naturally you can build new structures, dozens of them, from bars and spas to churches, from airfields to police stations. You can choose where to place farms, mines and logging camps. While there is no research in the game, and no "technology tree" through the period, different buildings have different pre-requisites that you must meet. You also need to set up houses for your people, construction offices to house your builders, huts for your teamsters. If you've got a lot of stuff to shift, you'll need many such huts. Each building also has options you can set, right down to the dress code in your bars. By choosing locations, and setting wages, you can influence who works where, though all your people will gain skills in certain preferred jobs.
The preview contains shots of the in-game action, menus, and cutscenes, so head
over now to check it out. The Mac version of Tropico should be out late this Spring and is
being done in-house by PopTop themselves.

GamesDomain Tropico Preview
PopTop Software Web Site
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