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Monday, September 14, 2009
Out Of The Park Baseball 10 Reviewed
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Gaming Nexus recently published a new review of Out of the Park Baseball 10. The latest incarnation of the baseball simulation series features 2009 major league rosters, a redesigned pitching system, and improved AI. Gaming Nexus gave OOTPB 10 a grade of A-.

Regardless of the outcome of the game, OOTP records every statistic imaginable. Wonder how well a hitter performs when there is a person on 2nd base, when playing a night game on a real grass field? How does the team do when it comes to covering 3rd base? Anything that you could possibly want to know about your team’s performance is recorded. All of this information is easy to find and very informative.

“Informative” can sometimes mean emotional detachment or extreme boredom, right? A good example of this is if you just think about the last office meeting or class that you had to attend that involved PowerPoint. Thankfully, OOTP dodges that bullet like a pro and doesn’t force feed you anything you don’t want or need.

The game also adds human elements to a potentially monotonous experience. Taking a look at the injuries that can happen in game might show injuries resulting from “heroically rescuing neighbors from a house fire” or “his kid ran into him with his bike.” Watching a game can yield such announcements as “the 1st base coach reached out to catch a foul ball one handed, that’s got to hurt!” Little things like these draw you deeper into the simulation.
Follow the links below for the full review and more information about the game.

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