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Monday, September 14, 2009

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The Making Of Deus Ex
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 7 comments

Edge Online has posted a new retrospective of Ion Storm's classic Deus Ex. The game's combination of first person shooter action and role playing elements made it a hit with many gamers. The article features commentary from Warren Spector and Harvey Smith.

Although the commitment to an open gameplay experience – with multiple methods of completing each mission – was there at the beginning, the early story draft would be unrecognisable to Deus Ex veterans. “The original plot was this sprawling, crazy thing with 25 missions in all,” explains Spector. “There was a big mission series all about a plot to take over the government by driving it into a state of emergency. This would call into play a variety of executive orders, which would in turn create a shadow government in Mount Weather under the Greenbrier Estate.

“And that’s all real. One of the designers read about Mount Weather on a website somewhere and said it should be in the game. There really are these executive orders that have been passed since the Eisenhower administration that say, ‘Here’s what’s gonna happen in the state of national emergency.’ And I started reading the conspiracy theories surrounding them, and did a legal search. I had a lawyer go and get a copy of the original executive orders – she could probably get fired. And it’s all true. Recently when an announcement came that there was this shadow government in operation, congress was going, ‘This is an outrage. How could we not have known?’ And everyone in the studio was going, ‘We knew about that three years ago!’”

There were also plans to include the White House as an explorable location, and when it emerged that these had been cut, Internet speculation about government intervention was rife. “There were rumours going around that we deleted the White House because we were too close to reality. In fact, we did discover some really interesting things about the building. When putting together pieces of blueprint and public images and maps from various sources, we thought, ‘Hey wait, there’s a little hole here, and we don’t know what’s in there.’ None of the maps identify it, but there’s a space that has to be filled with something. I think we really did hit on some weird stuff, but we cut the mission because we realised that a few thousand little square rooms would be really boring – we didn’t pull it out because the government made us.”
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Edge Online: The Making Of Deus Ex

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