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Thursday, September 10, 2009

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StarCraft II: Single Player Preview
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

IncGamers recently posted a new preview of StarCraft II, Blizzard Entertainment's upcoming return to its popular sci-fi RTS series. The preview covers two missions from the single player aspect of the game. StarCraft II will continue the storyline of the franchise and give multiplayer fans new challenges to enjoy.

Not too long after you take control of the command center and itís SCVs, a convoy from the nearby colony starts out, making its way up the road to a spaceport. You must defend the convoy until it reaches the spaceport, once it does you can return to your normal routine (at least until the next convoy takes off). This will happen multiple times until the specified number of colonists are safe, at which point the level is successfully completed.

One of the more memorable aspects of this mission is that as the level progresses the Zerg obtain new ways to get behind the defensive lines you have set up along the road. As mentioned earlier the number of colonists needed to evacuate is specific, so if you let a convoy or two get wiped out, the level will take you longer to complete. As time goes on the Zerg forces become more numerous, and better able to completely bypass any defences you may have made.

So you have a choice, let some convoys die if you need more time to complete the bonus objectives (and the bonus objectives will be worth it, such as collect so many of such-and-such, and all of your infantry will receive a permanent +1 to their damage), thus making the level harder at the same time. Or make sure all the convoys get through, ignoring the bonus objectives, and complete the level faster and easier.
Visit the page below to read the full preview.

IncGamers: StarCraft II Preview
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