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Friday, January 5, 2001

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New Rune Map, Expansion Pack Soon
9:16 AM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

An official multiplayer map for RUNE has been released by Human Head's designer Dave Halstead, which features a new style of online play. In addition, the site has been updated with news of many future plans for this title, including the release of a free expansion pack with new maps and models.

The new Rune map is quite unusual, in that you have to kill enemy creatures (sort of like bots with computer AI) in order to obtain better weapons and Rune energy, instead of the traditional method of just running to the respawn point. This map may help level the playing field for those with slower connections, as it will take actual skill (and not just a low ping) to get the more powerful weapons that really let you dominate a server, such as the Dwarven weapons.

In addition, Chris Reinhart of Human Head has posted a somewhat defensive and rather long update which addresses the concerns some have had on the PC side about the game's performance and network code. While he seems a bit sensitive about some online critiques of the game, he maintains that they will remain aggressive about supporting the title and have plans for future patches to improve netcode, include new player models (including female ones) and will continue to release new maps as well as the tools to allow third-party mod makers to create them, and to create new skins and models as well.

Near the end of his update, he added some fantastic news for fans of this title. Not only will there be an official multiplayer expansion pack in the future, much like the ones released for Unreal Tournament, but there is another big announcement on the horizon:

To those fans who have remained patient, we thank you. In the next month, we will be releasing a new patch (either 1.03 or 1.04 depending on testing), as well as the aforementioned flat polygon mesh layouts so that people can create their own skins and incorporate them into the game. The new bug fix should address problems connecting between differing versions of the game on multi-player servers, as well as other small problems reported on various systems.

The really big news however, is that we have finally gotten approval from Gathering of Developers on a Rune Add-On pack,. I can't release a lot of details at the moment, but the Add-On pack will be multiplayer focused only, and will include some new modes and maps for the Rune community that we have created ourselves, as well as a couple of new multiplayer characters (including, finally, a really good female character or two). The pack will be out in spring of 2001, and we hope to release details soon. It will be a commercial add-on, but at a reasonable price available in all outlets.

We also have some REALLY big news for Rune that we hope to announce very soon, so watch the board for a big announcement concerning Rune in the next month or two. We can't say anything now, but we are really chomping at the bit to do so and give you lots of details when we finally are allowed to make the announcement.

Ah, one ponders... A Rune console port? A sequel? A massively-multiplayer spinoff? It sounds like we will find out soon! In the meantime, if you are new to Rune be sure and take the time to grab the demo (or grab the MGF CD with the demo pre-downloaded for you!) or read through our review. According to both the reviewers and the reader reviews, this is one title not to be missed.

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