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Wednesday, September 9, 2009
Discussing Rage
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story has published a new interview with id Software lead designer Matt Hooper and creative director Tim Willits about Rage, the company's upcoming racing and shooting title set in a post-apocalyptic future. The Q&A covers a variety of topics including the game's storyline, types of weapons players will be able to use, environments players will encounter, and the vehicular options available in the game.

UGDB: Can you give us some details (and maybe some examples) about the different areas, the towns, the population there, and how you design them?
MH: When we build an area, we make it in a way that it has specific vehicle encounters, specific combat and a specific feel as a whole. We don’t have this procedural landscape with a bunch of grass on it and to call it “wasteland” – everything is kind of hand crafted. For example, the city of Wellspring [which is the first city that you’ll encounter in the game], we almost treat it like a character – we spent a lot of time concepting it, it has a certain flavor and feel, the people treat you in a certain way, they talk to you in a certain way – we spent a lot of time kind of crafting it. So, when you enter the town for the first time the people there don’t know who you are, what you are all about and they will treat you as a outsider, some of them won’t even speak to you. But as you win the big races, take out some bandits and harass them, you will earn respect. By the end of dealing with the Wellspring inhabitants you will be almost a hero to them. So, you have this story progression, and this character progression by the way they treat you.
The next town that you’re going to visit is a subway town, where the people live underground, they are a little pastier, and they talk different. And again, we wanted to take the player to some visually different and gameplay different elements around every corner.

UGDB: Up to this point we have seen only closed areas that are action oriented and those vast areas where there are only vehicle races. Are there going to be open environments where we you can shoot things without the need to use a vehicle?
MH: We have tried to mix it up; we don’t have any specific criteria. We’re doing only what feels right for the pacing. One of the areas that we have is called the Dead City – this is not something that we have shown yet – there you will see a big downtown area, it’s been all destroyed, inhabited with mutants, the authority is doing some things in there. Early on the game, you will come to this destroyed industrial area, very different than the desert-outdoor open area. So we just do, whatever is right for that part of the story. We have a wide variety of different environments.

UGDB: It is clear that RAGE won’t be a racing simulator with some fast pace FPS action, but what can you tell us about this aspect of the game, how is the player going to enter those race events? How does the first vehicle in the game look like and how can you compare it with the vehicles you’re going to get later on?
MH: Depending on what vehicles you have, what things you’ve accumulated and where are you are in the story, different races will open up for the player. Some of them you have to take part in and others are optional.
The first vehicle in the game doesn’t have weapons, it doesn’t do you much good against the bandits with weapons, but it does make a difference compared to when you are on foot. But the third class vehicles, for example are much more heavily armored, they have a large range of weapons and if you take such one against one of the earlier buggies that you encounter, you will destroy it a lot easier.
Check out the rest of the article at the page linked below. Rage Q&A
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