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Tuesday, September 1, 2009
Going Postal For A Third Time
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 5 comments

UGDB.com has posted a new interview with Steve Wik, Lead Design/Creative Director of Running with Scissors and Andrew Belkin, Lead Producer of Akella, about the upcoming Postal III. The return to the controversial game world will feature a third person viewpoint, a more story driven plot, and the ability to complete the game without killing anyone.

UGDB: The first Postal used an isometric perspective; the second was a FPS; this one is entirely third person. Is there any hidden logic behind this evolution?

SW: Unlike most developers, we don’t like to make the same game over and over. Plus, we thought it would be cool to actually see the Dude’s insane antics this time. But you never know what we’ll do in the future. I kind of like the idea of doing a Bionic Commando: Rearmed style remake of Postal I…

AB: The only logic I see is that all games of a series tried to deliver best experience with technology they possessed. But this time (as also said above) we are trying to deliver more of a focus onto main character, his personality, past and future actions. And this is where third person view is best possible.

UGDB: In the first Postal, there was no plot line, and the main purpose was to kill a certain percentage of armed NPCs on the map to reach the next level. In Postal II, the each level represented a different day of the week and the purpose of the game was to finish all of the tasks throughout that week. How will the main story develop in Postal III and what’s going to be the base mechanic of the game?

AB: In Postal III we are trying to put more focus onto the main character (Dude) and his story, meaning, the player will see sort of more “coherent” cinematographic storyline (whole bunch of cut-scenes in the game). The Dude starts “from scratch” in the new town of Catharsis (he’s a complete alien there), he’s trying to meet ends as a “normal guy”, but that doesn’t mean the town is normal enough to help him with that. Game’s storyline is pretty linear (to achieve that cinematic feel), however it still has some room for deviations, and side stories, depending on how violently you play the game.

SW: The player gets to decide if he gets tangled up in the schemes of Mayor Chomo and Uncle Dave (who miraculously survived the ATF assault on his compound in Postal II) or if he goes on the path of righteousness and joins the police force.

UGDB: In the previous titles of the series the players were able to accomplish all of their tasks without causing any controversial trouble. Is it going to be possible to finish Postal III without using any excessive means? Just like a “normal” third person shooter game, you know?

AB: “Normal” third-person shooter involves shooting people (or aliens, zombies, whatever) anyway. In Postal III, you can complete the game without killing anyone at all. This is challenging, yes, (but you know, being a good guy nowadays is challenging anyway), but this path has lots of benefits and extended storyline as compensation.
Visit the page below for the full interview.

UGDB.com: Postal III Interview
Running With Scissors

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