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Thursday, January 4, 2001
Myth III Announcment at Macworld
2:01 PM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Bluesnews and Stomped have done a little tag-team investigating to reveal an announcement for Myth III will be coming at Macworld Expo next week. Subtitled "The Wolf Age", Myth III will actually be a prequel to the first two games. The series' rights are now owned by Gathering of Developers, as Bungie released both Myth and Oni during their move to Microsoft. Here's a description of the game straight from Blues:

Myth III: The Wolf Age allows you to do just that. The game is the highly anticipated prequel to the two original Myth games from Bungie Software. It takes place 1000 years before the start of Myth: The Fallen Lords and follows the life of Connacht - the legendary hero who saved humanity from the insidious Myrkindia and the oppressive Trow, eventually becoming the emperor of all human lands. Myth III explores the daunting past before the Great War and the destructive clashes between the races.

In 1421 AE, the world is in sheer chaos. The nightmare, Myrkindia, runs rampant over the lands. The Trow enslave the Ogre to build titanic temples to their god. A new Leveler, claiming to be Moagim reborn, has just risen and swears to smash the empire of Cath Bruig. Most of humanity has been scattered for hundreds of years, existing in war tribes who hide in fear of the evil creatures who stalk the night. Myth III: The Wolf Age will live up to even the most critical Myth fan's expectations, yet is immediately engaging and easy-to-learn for the first time strategy player.

You can expect to hear much more about Myth III after the official Macworld announcement. Stay tuned as the IMG prepares to cover all the excitement surrounding the expo.

Gathering of Developers Web Site

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