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Thursday, January 4, 2001
Monster Hunter 1.0 Released
11:15 AM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

In December we brought you the news that Contraband Entertainment had disbanded, the remnants of this company being absorbed into MacPlay/United Developers. Contraband itself was an offshoot of now-defunct porting house Logicware. While Contraband's time in the spotlight was short, they did manage to produce an original title: Monster Hunter, a charming game of strategy and action.

This title is available for Mac and PC, and is being published by Monkey Byte Development. Sporting nifty pre-rendered graphics and very low processor requirements, this should be a fine addition to any gamer's catalog when high-powered 3D shooters lose their charm. Here is the official description of the game:

Be one with the Monster Hunter! You are he, the saviour of all that is not drooly, squirmy, or has a name that is proceeded by the word monster. Enjoy strategy at its' finest!

Play through level after level of fiendish monster destroying (yet, bloodless-for the kids) entertainment. This top view game blends the best in strategy with hand eye coordnation and vivid graphics. Good, clean fun for all the family.


PowerPC 604


32 RAM

200 HD

Grab the demo of this game from Macgamefiles.com for a glimpse of Contraband's handiwork.

Monster Hunter Demo (20 MB)
Monkey Byte
Contraband Disbans?

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Archives  News  Monster Hunter 1.0 Released