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Thursday, August 27, 2009

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Quest Design In Soldak's Upcoming Dungeon Crawler
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

A new blog post from Soldak Entertainment's Steven Peeler reveals some information about the questing system in the company's upcoming new "real time dungeon crawl" game. The post offers examples of the ways the players' actions have a tangible impact on the outcome of missions.

Pretty much all rpgs have quests, so how is our quest system in our upcoming dungeon crawl different? Well frankly in most rpgs (there are exceptions of course) quests exist in a vacuum. They will sit there forever, nothing can change them and they change nothing either. Your choices don't really matter. There are no consequences to your actions. You can't really fail. Text like "hurry", "emergency", and "or else" are just flavor text and don't mean anything. And every time through a typical rpg the quests are exactly the same as the last play through.

None of this is true for our upcoming game (Depths of Peril is similar in many ways). I'm going to show this with a bunch of examples of the typical rpg and our game. These examples will overlap a bit.

Emma was picking wild mushrooms down in an area in the dungeon that was thought to be safe, but was captured by Scree. Please go rescue her. In a typical rpg, there is no way to fail. She will patiently wait for her rescue forever if need be and she can't be killed. In our game, Emma can definitely die and will without your help. Can you save her before she is gruesomely murdered?

Hurry or else:
Storm is planning to attack the town. Hurry and kill him before the attack is launched. In a typical rpg, there is no point of hurrying, the town is going to be attacked or it's not. It just depends on how the quest was created and has nothing to do with your actions. "Hurry" is just there to make the quest feel intense. In our game, hurry really does mean hurry. In this case, if you are too slow the town will be attacked just as you were warned. If you are quick, like the quest suggests though, you really will prevent the attack.
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Stephen Peeler's Blog: Our Quest System Is Unique
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