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Thursday, January 4, 2001

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id Update on Q3, Team Arena for OS X
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id programmer Graeme Devine contacted MacGamer last night with some very encouraging news regarding the status of Quake 3: Arena and Team Arena for MacOS X Public Beta. According to Graeme, the OMNI Group did an excellent job porting the 1.17 code to the Macintosh, but it appears they decided to move OS X development in-house. Here is the e-mail the he sent to MacGamer:

I've got the OS X version up and running in OS X PB, I'll probably
release the point release application in the immediate future. This
version is built upon the solid foundation Omni wrote for the 1.17
point release and includes numerous new optimizations for the
Macintosh. At the same time I release the OS X public beta, I'll
probably release the Classic version as final, which runs much faster
than the debug code out there right now.
The most notable bug that users have come across in the 1.27g beta point release, is the echoing sounds when browsing the menu and during the game. Hopefully, this will be remedied in the final point release.

Devine also updated his .plan with a little clarification of his above statement:

I didn't yank, pull, grab or drop Omni's excellent work on Q3A to this platform. They are my friends, peers, and fine people. My reason for working on the OS X build in house is that I simply like OS X and I like working in it. I'll still share the code with Omni so they can help make the OS X build the best. In fact, I'd like to get more of the tools ported across to OS X as soon as possible so levels, and mod compiling can happen on this platform (see above for time crunch).
We'd be very excited to see Quake 3 tools on OS X, as that could be one of the 'killer apps' which may motivate Mac gamers to switch to the new system. On a side note, Graeme Devine has set a very good example for game companies that do cross platform development. He has demonstrated that taking time to write platform-specific code can go a long way. Maybe he should write a how-to guide on optimizing games for the Macintosh... We're hoping to see Quake 3 run even more quickly after the debugging code is gone.

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