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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

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EVE Online: An Unholy Rage Against The Illegal ISK Trade
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

In a recent blog post CCP Games has revealed the results of its latest efforts to deal with illegal trading of its EVE Online in-game currency, ISK, for real world money. Codenamed Unholy Rage the effort was launched on June 22 and involves identifying illegal activity and discouraging it through the banning of accounts.

In the weeks and months building up to June 22nd we monitored and analyzed activity of ISK sellers, and in particular, their supporting groups of macro-miners, ratters, mission farmers and other RMT related units. The information obtained by this research was then used to identify further RMT type accounts and to prepare lists to process in the action.  The preparations also included identifying various items of interest that we wanted to monitor and measure, such as market activity, server performance, petition trends and so on, as our intent was to examine the effects of the action in a scientific way and in as much detail as possible.  Finally, a lot of work was put into gathering information on and collecting lists of RMT type accounts to be targeted in the operation.
During scheduled downtime on June 22nd a little over 6200 paying accounts were banned in one go.

The effects were immediate and dramatic.  First and foremost, we saw a massive drop in the load on our server.

While the number of accounts banned in the opening phase of the operation constituted around 2% of the total active registered accounts, the CPU per user usage was cut by a good 30%. That is a whole lot of CPU for the rest of you to play with, people.
Another great improvement is that space is now suddenly full of belts of oversized asteroids that were previously sucked up by hoards of macro miners of the RMT persuasion.  Regular players are now starting to see mining as a viable means of making some ISK and they are moving in to take over the business.

To read more about Unholy Rage follow the link to the page listed below.

EVE Online Blog: Unholy Rage
CCP Games
EVE Online

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