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Monday, August 17, 2009
Cruising The Wasteland In Rage
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 4 comments

GameSpot has posted a new preview based on hands-on experience with Rage, id Software's upcoming combination of first person shooter and action racing title. The preview provides an overview of the game's post-apocalyptic setting and action elements.

After a quick drive through the wilderness, we discovered a shack off the beaten path inhabited by Crazy Joe, a rambling nutcase wearing stained clothes and an enlarged foam novelty hat in the shape of a floppy alien monster. Joe will be one of a number of eccentric characters that id hopes players will find memorable, along with Dan and the other characters that give you odd jobs (and end up at odds with). We took two steps outside Joe's shack and found an ugly mutant skulking on the hill so we dispatched it with a toss of a "wingstick," a player-crafted boomerang that swiftly and effectively knocked out the brute before returning home. Apparently, Rage will have items you can craft and automatically build once you have both the formula and the parts, though designer Matt Hooper explains that the game won't have a giant list of junk. Rather, there will be a handful of useful and powerful items that will come in handy throughout the entire game.

After our brief conversation, we hopped into our buggy to head to Wellspring, but we were sidetracked by bandits driving similar buggies and witnessed our first onboard battle. The car combat in Rage looks fast and brutal, and because the buggies were extremely nimble and could make very sharp turns, the battle we watched was less of a back-and-forth joust and more of a demolition-derby-style smashup. All buggies were equipped with nitrous to grant instant bursts of speed, as well as onboard machine guns that chewed each other up part by part, sending fenders and headlights (and at one point, one of the buggies) flying through clouds of dust.

We dispatched our foes and made our way to Wellspring--a neutral zone where guns aren't allowed--to visit key locations, such as item shops and the local watering hole where you can take bounties to slay bandits. Wellspring is the location of your personal car garage, which will grow over time as you recover or purchase new vehicles. All vehicles will have four basic statistics: acceleration, suspension, traction, and armor--but you can swap out more or less any major part of your car to enhance its performance. These include stickier tires, a faster engine, and many different types of weapons. The town is also the place to meet key characters, including the mayor, a crotchety old Teddy Roosevelt-esque codger; the sheriff, a lean, tough-talking codger; and the race track manager, who is less of a codger and more of a race jockey. These key contacts are meant to be memorably quirky, but they will also give you a variety of missions that are kept on file in your character's journal. The next mission we took was to hunt down a tribe of bandits to the north known as the Shrouded Clan that was terrorizing the area with remote control cars armed with C4 explosives
Read more of the preview at the link below.

GameSpot: Rage Preview
id Software
Rage: Campaign Edition
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