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Thursday, January 4, 2001

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Mac Deus Ex Multiplayer Still Undecided
10:08 AM | Charles George | Comment on this story

About a month ago, Ion Storm released a small patch to bring multiplayer support to their amazing (and previously solo-only) sci-fi shooter Deus Ex . Unfortunately only PC users got to play, as this patch must be ported to the Mac OS version of this title. As is normal procedure for Westlake interactive, the team which brought Deus Ex to the Mac in the first place, the decision on whether this patch would be made depended on receiving the code from Ion Storm and evaluating whether the project was practical. Last night we contacted Westlake to find out the status of Mac Deus Ex multiplayer. Suellen Adams, the business director of Westlake, had this to say:

There is no word as yet. We were to have received the code at some point before Christmas, but as far as I know we have not received it as yet. (Unless one of the programmers has and I just missed it with the holiday etc.) In any case, there has been no final decision one way or the other.
The response to the PC version seems fairly positive, as long as the game is played by teams rather than as a deathmatch. Hopefully Westlake will make a final decision soon, and when they do we'll be sure to bring you the news.

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Archives  News  Mac Deus Ex Multiplayer Still Undecided