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Thursday, August 13, 2009

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AssistiveGaming Reviews EVE Online
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

AssistiveGaming, a website devoted to providing information on how people with disabilities can enjoy games, has posted a new review of CCP Games' popular sci-fi MMO, EVE Online. The article focuses on how EVE functions when using assistive technology, and also provides an overview of the game's main features.

From the review:

Speaking of chat, EVE Online offers a multitude of opportunities for individuals to interact. For new players, there’s a huge chat channel where experienced Game Masters answer questions and offer advice to rookie pilots. Players can also band together in fleets to complete missions or simply wreak havoc on other pilots. Additionally, it is possible for players to form large Corporations, which are groups working together to trade goods, research technology for sale on the open market, dominate through military action, or do anything else for profit. Corporations can even own their own space stations to serve as bases of operation.

As mentioned, everything from combat to asteroid mining is handled entirely with mouse clicks. Players choosing a life of combat should be able to scan at a minimum of 17 steps per second or be fairly proficient with a mouse. While one’s ship is steered by its on-board computer, the player still has to issue commands. In combat, this involves clicking targets, locking on weapons systems, issuing the order to fire weapons, or warping out of situations that get too dicey. While mainly about planning, strategy, and choosing the right ship with the right equipment, there’s still a certain degree of urgency in combat. As a SwitchXS user, I lean toward ships employing long-range missiles and try to hit hard and kill quick before the need to issue commands becomes too frantic; however, players who build their characters more toward scientific research or dominating EVE’s player-driven economy will require far less "clicking under the gun." For example, industrial miners will simply want a ship that can quickly evade attacks, thus protecting their precious cargo. In my opinion, players focusing on commerce should be able to scan at around 14 steps per second. EVE Online is extremely flexible, allowing a player to perhaps begin as an economic tycoon, only to branch out into the role of a hired gun. It can change as one’s proficiency with their assistive technology evolves.
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AssistiveGaming: EVE Online Review
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