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Tuesday, August 11, 2009
Super Laser Racer Postmortem
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

iDevGames recently posted a postmortem article examining work on New Star Games' Super Laser Racer for OS X. In the article the developer discusses the design of the game, what went right and wrong with the title's development, and future plans for the combat racing title.

Super Laser Racer challenges players to reach the finish line on tracks set in "outer geometric space" while battling their fellow racers. The game features 12 tracks, 12 racers to unlock, 4 tournaments, and a variety of weapons.

Like most of my projects, Super Laser Racer was already perfectly formed in my head the moment I conceived it and required little in the way of design documents or planning. This is perhaps my biggest fault as a designer as occasionally I have to rethink a certain aspect of the game and waste time re-coding it. However, this doesnít happen too often, if at all with Super Laser Racer, and it never deters me from plowing on with the creation of the game with nary a thought for planning ó oh the joy of being an indie game developer! I donít deny that preparation is key for some projects but I find that the sheer joy of programming is what keeps me going each day and if I make some mistakes along the way, so be it. I find the journey much more enjoyable than actually reaching the destination anyway.

Unlike my existing sports games I decided to stay away from a detailed career mode in Super Laser Racer and keep it strictly arcade. One reason for this was to reduce the development time, the other being that contracts, sponsorships, shops and casinos donít really suit an abstract vector game. I also wanted to strip the game right down to the basics and concentrate on the gameplay, trying to achieve that elusive fun factor without the distraction of statistics or management.

Development Tools:
Super Laser Racer was created in BlitzMax. I love BlitzMax because it encapsulates everything that I love about programming. Put simply, it gets results fast. I donít mean the speed of the actual code, I mean the time it takes to get stuff on the screen and to get it flying about. When it comes to programming code I donít really care how it works, so long as it does what I want it to do. If itís inefficient but runs OK, that will do for me and itís on to the next milestone. With that in mind it wonít surprise you to learn that Iím all for using third-party modules if they help me get to the finish line quicker and this project was no different. I used several BlitzMax modules, the main ones being Liam McGuiganís FryGUI (which simplifies the task of creating the interface) and a bunch of Bruce Hendersonís fine mods for backend stuff like localization and network connections.
Visit the page below to read the full article.

iDevGames: Super Laser Racer Postmortem
Super Laser Racer
New Star Games

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