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Tuesday, August 11, 2009
BlizzCast Ten Now Available
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Blizzard Entertainment has released the tenth BlizzCast, a series of podcasts created by Blizzard's Community Team and focusing on the company's current and future game offerings. Number ten features Q&As with Lead Encounter Designer Scott Mercer and Senior Game Designer Dave Maldonado about the recent 3.2 patch for World of Warcraft.

Zarhym: Iíd just like to get a few words from you guys about the new Battleground, since itís another major feature in 3.2. Can you give us some details on what the Isle of Conquest is and why players should feel invested in conquering this territory?
Scott Mercer: The Isle of Conquest is an island off the coast of Icecrown. Itís an island thatís been found by both the Horde and Alliance and itís full of resources. So thereís oil out there. Thereís cobalt out there. And the Horde and Alliance have both made a mad dash to this place to try to control these resources. So you as a player when you go in, because the Horde and Alliance right now are not super buddy-buddy, of course these things turn a bit violent and, you know, a fightís broken out.

Thereís an Alliance keep, thereís a Horde keep with a general in each keep and youíre fighting over these resources. Again, everything is leading up to Icecrown.

So thatís why they want all these resources because they can prepare better to attack Arthas, and looking beyond Icecrown as well.

Zarhym: So what objectives have to be achieved in order to claim victory in Isle of Conquest? I mean, you know, what objectives do you have to accomplish in order to win an actual match?
Scott Mercer: Sure. The basic objective is to kill the opposing general whoís in the keep. You canít just walk up to the general and go, ďhi!Ē and start tanking and spanking him.

You have to destroy the keep walls to allow access to him. So the first part of the Battleground ends up being really just trying to take down those walls and we give you all kinds of tools to do it. There are points of interest that you can take over that provide you with vehicles and weíve got, I believe four or five different vehicles that you can pilot there. Thereís an airship area where, if you take that point of interest, you can actually hop onto an airship that flies over the enemy base. And you can man guns from there and shoot the walls down. Another really cool thing you can do is, actually if you leap off of the airship, you can actually parachute into the enemy base, steal some of their explosives and then use those explosives to take out the doors. So the first part of it is just taking down the doors as fast as possible and having this huge 40 vs. 40-player fight over the various points of interest that provide vehicles; and then once the doors are down, then itís a mad rush to get inside the keep and take out the general.

Head over to the links below to listen to the podcast or read the transcript.

BlizzCast Episode 10
Blizzard Entertainment

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