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Monday, July 20, 2009
Cocoa Touch Games Becomes Koko Tap
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 2 comments

Cocoa Touch Games has announced it is changing its name and URL to Koko Tap effective immediately, in response to a written request from Apple indicating that the indie game developer was infringing on Apple’s trademarked phrase “Cocoa Touch.” Koko Tap is an independent game studio that has created a variety of games, including Cloud Girls and Bug Bounce, and is currently working on their eighth title, Dr. Bongo’s Bouncing Steel Spheroid Emporium.

Established on May 13, 2008 in Waterloo, Ontario, initial trademark searches during the company's formation failed to turn up public records covering the term “cocoa touch” in either Canada or the United States. Apple’s own press release on that day regarding the new iPhone SDK did not indicate that the term was trademarked. 

“Since receiving the notification from Apple on July 16, we’ve determined that they did file for a trademark in March 2008 and, therefore, we will certainly respect Apple’s request,” says David Janik-Jones, founder of Koko Tap and Widget Monkeys. 

“However, the initial trademark filing was registered in the offshore location of Trinidad. This location does not permit online searching of their records—you need to be on site to review patents and trademarks—which meant that we had little opportunity to perform our search effectively to discover Apple’s trademark.”

Koko Tap will be updating all of their games on the App Store over the upcoming few weeks to reflect their new branding and website thanks, in part, to Apple’s permission to complete the changes at our “earliest convenience.” These changes, including scoring databases, should all be completed before the end of August. Koko Tap is hoping at that time to coordinate with Apple to expedite the approval of their updated apps to the App Store, and to also update our identity on the App Store once all the requested revisions are finished.
For more information click over to the site below.

Koko Tap

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