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Friday, July 17, 2009

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EVE Online: Recent Engineering Upgrades
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

A blog post on the CCP Games site has revealed recent upgrades to the game code supporting the company's sci-fi mmo, EVE Online. The post includes an overview of the improvements, the methods used to implement the changes, and a history of specific engineering changes added in recent updates.

Let's start with the results
Before we released StacklessIO and EVE64 last year, Jita would reach a maximum of 800-900 pilots, often with a fair amount of lag. After those releases, Jita would reach 800 pilots with no lag and was able to manage about 1,000 pilots with little or moderate lag. It even spiked to 1,400 pilots but with a lot of lag.

The Sunday after the release of Apocrypha 1.3, Jita climbed to 1,150 pilots with no lag. In fact there was plenty of CPU and memory to spare and you noticed the increased performance. We estimate that Jita can now handle 1,400-1,500 pilots with little or moderate lag.

More importantly, there was no lag on Monday morning after this record lag-free Sunday. Jita and other major trade and mission hubs have long suffered from a "hangover" issue that we have referred to internally in EVE Development as "The Jita Problem", where performance has decreased over time.

So how did we do this?
CCP has a technical vision of sharing game-agnostic code between different projects. We have a Core Technology team that works specifically on such code, e.g., the Trinity graphics engine, and then the game teams, such as the EVE Development team, integrate that code and build game specific functionality leveraging as much of the CCP Core Technology Platform as possible. When writing new functionality, the game teams are encouraged to separate the game-specific code from the game-agnostic code and submit as additions and enhancements to the CCP Core Technology Platform. That way all the different development teams within CCP further all our projects. (True leveraging of global synergies.)

Of course the CCP Core Technology Platform, as stands today, didn't come into existence this way. It was originally written simply as a part of EVE and then later the game-agnostic parts were extracted from it. This process has come to be known internally at CCP as "corification", and the act of releasing Core Technology Platform enhancements to EVE Online is called "battletesting".
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EVE Online: Engineering Updates
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