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Monday, July 13, 2009
GameRanger Turns Ten
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 12 comments

On Sunday July 12, GameRanger, the multiplayer matchmaking service for Mac and PC, celebrated its 10th birthday. At launch in 1999 the service provided matchmaking support for 11 Mac games. Today GameRanger supports 181 Mac games and 542 PC titles.

More information about GameRanger:

Trivia: The most consistently played game through each and every year of the last decade was Age of Empires II. Thousands of gamers continue to play it even today.

Trivia: Back in 1999, 70% of users played online using dial-up modems. Their typical gaming computer had 128MB of RAM and an 8GB hard disk.

Lifetimes of Other Related Services:
 - ImagiNation Network: 1991-1998
 - DWANGO: 1994-1998
 - Kali: 1995-2005 (on life-support)
 - TEN: 1996-1999
 - MPlayer: 1996-2000
 - HEAT.NET: 1996-2000
 - 1998-2004
 - 1997-2006
 - GameSpy Arcade: 2000 onwards (no longer updated as of 2006)
 - Xbox Live: 2002 onwards (Xbox Live 360: 2005 onwards)
 - Xfire: 2003 onwards
 - Steam: 2003 onwards (Steam Community: 2007 onwards)
 - Games for Windows Live: 2007 onwards
 - is really just a collective term for multiple separate game services only supporting individual Blizzard games. The earlier services have not been updated with features of later services.

GameRanger is the longest running multiplayer online gaming service, having originally opened to Mac gaming in 1999. In November 2008, GameRanger expanded to PC gaming with full lobby support for over 500 games -- significantly more than any other multiplayer service -- and is rapidly becoming the preferred choice of gamers for playing their friends online. GameRanger Technologies is located in Perth, Western Australia.
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