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Monday, June 29, 2009
The id Software Acquisition Discussed
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Gamasutra and IGN have posted new interviews with representatives from id Software, Bethesda Softworks, and Zenimax media. John Carmack, Pete Hines, and Robert Altman discussed the merger and what it will mean for id's employees, the company's future games, and consumers.

From Gamasutra:

Renowned id developer John Carmack told Gamasutra that Fallout 3's blockbuster status solidified while acquisition talks were underway.

"We looked at this and thought, if they can take this old niche IP like Fallout and turn it into this huge, successful phenomenon, then I think they are incredibly capable of taking Doom 4 and changing the world with it."

JC: We're going to take every opportunity to share our knowledge, hard-won wisdom of recent product cycles, anything we can share technology-wise, Bethesda is welcome to cherry pick. We already have slated our plans years ahead, so there aren't going to be any massive changes. We're not going to splice id Tech5 into anything Bethesda is doing. But anything they want to cherry pick, they're more than welcome to.

JC: There are also things that we want to learn from Bethesda -- the things they're doing with downloadable content, marketing, we want that to be applied on our behalf for our products. We don't want to say, "Leave us alone, we want to be exactly as we were before." We're going to do all the things we have been doing, but there are opportunities for us to improve as a result of this.
From IGN:
IGN: There's no overlap in terms of the genres each company has focused on. Is this going to affect the day-to-day operations of either studio? Do you feel the need to address any gaps or differences in terms of the culture of the two studios?
John Carmack: Actually, the cultures are remarkably compatible but the development teams are separated by half a continent and they're staying that way. There's no relocation of any assets. They will definitely continue to evolve in their own way. But because we're sister companies now and we benefit from the success of each other, we have every incentive in the world to do anything that we can to help out the other teams, whether it's design reviews or technology sharing or just helpful comments about experiences we've had in different areas. All of that is certainly going to go on. But the teams are not going to dramatically change one way or the other as a result of this.

IGN: Some gamers are intrigued and other are disturbed by the possibility of cross-pollenization of franchises. What are the chances we'll see a Doom RPG or a Fallout FPS? Anything like that in the works?
John Carmack: Not in terms of major titles. I would expect that, now that it's legal for us to do so, there will be little homages that are tossed back and forth between the franchise -- just things to make people smile. Game development is a multi-year timeline now and this acquisition does not change any of those multi-year plans already in motion.

IGN: When can gamers expect to hear the first details of titles released under this new structure and when might we see the games published?
John Carmack: Again, nothing really changes in the way things are going. Rage is our next major title coming out. We have a Wolfenstein title still being published by Activision, due out very soon and Rage published by EA partners due out next year. Doom 4 would be the first ZeniMax-only distribution title and that's still a ways off.

In the near term, nothing really changes here. This is something that impacts how things look three or four years down the road. id will be a different place at that point than it would have been if we had stayed independent.
Read the rest of the interviews at the pages linked below.

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