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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

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IMG Reviews Fix-it-up: Kate's Adventure
7:44 AM | Marcus Albers | 1 comment

Inside Mac Games has posted a review of the time-management game Fix-it-up: Kate's Adventure from World Loom. In this game, you help Kate fix-up various vehicles, all the while upgrading our shop to attract more business and do thing better and faster. Here's and excerpt from the review:

Now please believe me when I say that Fix-it-Up's realism has to be taken with a grain of salt. I have some very fond memories of working on cars when I was a teen -- like the time I almost brought down my parents' garage with a chain hoist when I was putting a new engine in my 1958 MGA. When the rafters start creaking, and the roof starts to sag, now that's realism!

Still, even if you don't get your hands dirty fixing up cars in this game, it's still fun. The only problem is, there's just not enough of it.

To read the full review, follow the link below.

IMG Review: Fix-it-up: Kate's Adventure
Fix-it-up: Kate's Adventure
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