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Friday, December 29, 2000
Mac Gaming Sites Roundup
1:50 PM | Lucian Fong | Comment on this story

Today, Games.MacNN announced the debut of Custer's Corner 2.0, featuring Brad Custer and his collection of homemade (but professional looking) desktop pictures. You may remember him from his stint on Mac Gamer's Ledge or his more recent work on MacDesktops. This week, Custer's revisits one of his favorite creations called "The Matrix," which features several characters from the hit game, Deus Ex, in a Keanu Reeves-like pose. If you want to beautify your desktop, check out Custer's Corner.

Brian Souder of Creative Labs has been patrolling several gaming forums (including our own) lately to answer the questions and concerns regarding their soon to be released SoundBlaster Live!: Mac Edition. MacGamer has scrounged up more information from their forums about the highly anticipated sound card. Here, Brian talks about Creative's decision to market a Mac-specific version of SoundBlaster instead of having customers buy a PC version and flash the ROM:

We decided to have a Macintosh only version of the LIVE! to make life easier all around. There are many different versions of the LIVE! card out there. Let's say you download the driver and have installation problems. How do we support you? The tech would have to figure out which card you have & then work up from there. There was also extra hardware in some of the boxes that people won't need. For example, the Live Drive on the Platinum series & the I/O card in some of the earlier LIVE! products. People will want these items to work. They may not be supported the same way by the card. For example, the Joystick port is not going to be used for anything but MIDI. There may be people out there that can hack the driver & get it to work, but we won't support those cards, and they most likely won't be very stable. It would be too difficult to do the support too. The Macintosh card will be a Mac only card.
Head on over to the MacGamer forums to read more of Brian Souder's informative posts.

Yesterday, MacCentral published a strategy guide for Pangea Software's prehistoric racing game, Cro-Mag Rally. The online strategy guide contains information on the game's settings, strategies for driving, using powerups to their best effect, and strategies for each track in the game. If you don't know what all the buzz is about, head on over the MacGameFiles and download the Cro-Mag Rally demo!

Download Cro-Mag Rally Demo from MGF
Cro-Mag Rally Strategy Guide at MacCentral
SoundBlaster Info at MacGamer
Custer's Corner 2.0

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