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Friday, December 29, 2000

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Get More from the Oni Demo
9:52 AM | Charles George | Comment on this story

For those of you who felt that the demo of Bungie's long-awaited title Oni demo released last week was too short, or too difficult, the dedicated fan community surrounding this game has already discovered several ways to get more for your download. Not only did they figure out ways to cheat and add more battles to the demo, they've found a way to make a formerly PC-only demo level work with the Mac OS version. This second demo, released by PC gamer magazine, features levels 1 and 2 (the current Mac demo features levels 1 and 4). Apparently, with a little manual extracting and manipulation, the level can run on the Mac version, unfortunately with garbled sound. The other downside is that downloading this new level requires another 72 MB download. If you can stomach the download, here's where to put everything, courtesy of the fansite Oni Res:

Download the PC Oni demo

Extract the files from the .EXE with Stuffit Expander

* Put files:




found in folder "GameDataFolder" into your Oni demo folder called "GameDataFolder"

* Drop folder "manplant" found in folder "IGMD" into the folder "IGMD" of your Oni demo folder

* Play Oni. :)

In order to expand that .exe file you'll need Stuffit Expander 6, available free from Aladdin. Most fans seem to find this new level far superior to the two released in the Mac demo.

For those who would like to get more out of the existing demo without a large demo be sure to check out the new scripting center at Oni Central. These new scripts can make some very interesting and substantial changes to the demo. For example, one script allows you to have an epic, endless battle with Muro at the end of the airport level.

Finally, if you're stuck in the demo Oni Res has posted a small file that will allow you to cheat. The many cheats included offer a great range of changes, from a simple invincibility mode to a "Godzilla" mode. Oni Res has the full list. The full version of Oni will be released January 29th by Gathering Of Developers and Take Two Interactive for Mac, PC and PlayStation 2.

Oni Central Script Archive
Oni Mac Demo at MGF
Download the PC Gamer Oni Demo
Oni Rez
Bungie Studios
Gathering of Developers
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