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Friday, May 8, 2009

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StarCraft II: Beta Keys, New Interview, Screenshots
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 67 comments

StarCraftWire.net has released several new StarCraft II updates. Blizzard Entertainment has asked those interested in beta testing the upcoming return to the sci-fi RTS franchise to download a program to take a snapshot of their computer specs. The company also announced that those who still have an unused Wrath of the Lich King beta key will be able to use the key on the StarCraft II beta. FInally, Blizzard has released some new screenshots of the Zerg queen and a new interview with lead producer Chris Sigaty.

Q. What aspects of the game will be available for testing in this beta?
A. As with previous betas for our real-time strategy games, the StarCraft II beta test will be multiplayer only, and players will have access to all three races -- terrans, protoss, and zerg -- and all of their units. We’ll include a selection of multiplayer maps, but they won’t necessarily include all of the maps that will be in the final version of the game. We’re making some great progress on the single-player campaign, but we don’t plan to do a public beta since we want to keep the story under wraps until the game’s out.

Q. Will we be able to try the new Battle.net during this beta?
A. You’ll be connecting to and playing on the new Battle.net in the StarCraft II beta, and you’ll definitely have a chance to play around with a few of the new features -- but what you’ll see in the beta is really only a taste of what’s to come.

Q. What updates and changes have you made to the game recently?
A. We’re constantly tweaking the gameplay and balance, and we will be all throughout the beta process, but perhaps the most visible changes have been made to the zerg. Our art team has done a polishing and iteration pass on many of the zerg unit models and structures, so players can look forward to seeing a lot more detail there. Compared to the versions you’ve seen before, the zerg units and bases now look a lot slimier and more sinister.
We’re also really looking forward to seeing testers try out the new gameplay mechanics we’ve introduced to each race, like the proton charge for the protoss and the MULE for the terrans that allow them to harvest minerals faster. The zerg also have a spawn larvae ability that gives them a new way to expand their production. We’re hoping these abilities increase the strategic tension for players and force some tough tactical decisions when managing economies and micromanaging battles.
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