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Thursday, May 7, 2009
New Space Exploration Preview Version Released
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Metal Beetle Ltd has released a new preview version of Space Exploration: Serpens Sector, its upcoming sci-fi RPG. Based on classics games like Starflight and Star Control the game gives players the task of exploring the mysterious Serpens Sector. This update expands the role of the ship's crew, and the offers the choice to return to base for fuel.

In this new preview, your ship's crew play a much larger role. Crew members now have individual skills and morale levels, and many encounters have been rewritten to let you choose crew members for specific tasks. And instead of the time limit in dev 8, you can now return to Fleet Headquarters to ask for more fuel - the better you do in your mission, the more fuel you are awarded.

Space Exploration: Serpens Sector is a role-playing game based on classics like Starflight and Star Control. You are tasked with exploring the mysterious Serpens Sector after a long period of human absence. Each game has a different map and a different set of encounters, drawn from a large list. The base game will be free, and purchasable expansions will add further encounters for those who enjoy the game and want to see more.

The game is still under development, but preview versions are available for download, and player feedback is very much encouraged. While the basic elements of the game engine are present, the game is still being refined, and a lot of content is yet to be added. The next preview release, dev 10, will focus on improved space combat.
Space Exploration: Serpens Sector has been under development since late 2007 and is slated to be released in 2009. The first expansion will be released simultaneously. Check out the website linked below to learn more.

Metal Beetle
Space Exploration: Serpens Sector

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