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Thursday, May 7, 2009
UDevGames 2008: Laserface Jones Postmortem Available
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

iDevGames recently posted a postmortem article examining work on Justin Ficarrotta's Laserface Jones vs. Doomsday Odious, the winning entry in the UDevGames 2008 competition. In the article the developer discusses the design of the game, what went right and wrong with the title's development, and the future of Laserface Jones.

The future looks bright for Laserface Jones. It’s got fans that are begging to see it on Xbox Live Arcade, or the iPhone. I have experience creating for XBLA (from working on the port of Marathon) and agree that’s where the fans of this type of game are. XNA is a similar option, with the advantage of not having to go through the greenlighting or certification process of XBLA, but with the disadvantage of requiring a complete code port to C#.

The iPhone is another very likely possibility. The market is huge, and many hardcore gamers own iPhones (even though it isn’t their primary gaming device.) And not to mention, the code is very similar to Mac. The porting is trivial.

As for the game itself, I have always intended Laserface Jones vs. Doomsday Odious to be free. It is a sort of short “pilot” episode to see how interested people would be in more. After the reaction it has gotten, it would be a shame to not follow it up. I’m already laying out the groundwork for “Laserface Jones vs. The Bullet Legion” which will be a commercial title, and I hope to turn it into a series, similar to a comic book or television show (as opposed to the “movie trilogy” approach many games seem to take toward episodic content.)

Stay tuned, because the world hasn’t seen the last of Laserface Jones!
Head over to the link below to read the full article.

iDevGames: Laserface Jones Postmortem
Laserface Jones vs Doomsday Odious

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Archives  News  UDevGames 2008: Laserface Jones Postmortem Available