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Thursday, December 28, 2000
IMG Interviews Aspyr Media
12:15 PM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

We have posted an interview with Michael Rogers of Aspyr Media, the Mac publisher behind the ports of such titles as Deus Ex, The Sims and Sim Theme Park. This in-depth interview covers many aspects of the Mac gaming scene, and includes details on Aspyr's many projects and their continued success in the Mac market. Here is an excerpt:

IMG: Do you think Apple's recent failure to meet profit projections will affect the game market?

Rogers: Only if Apple starts selling fewer machines which I don't think is what's happening. Apple is doing a good job of getting the products right they know where the holes are and are trying to fill them. Just because they didn't meet Wall Street "expectations" doesn't affect us.

IMG: Will future Aspyr releases support OS X? What are your thoughts on the new OS as a gaming platform?

Rogers: Yes, we are planning to support OS X very soon now. At the beginning (before the official 1.0 release) we will offer downloadable OS X patches for some of our games, with the ultimate goal of shipping OS X versions in the box. The basic structure of OS X is very encouraging to me. Apple needs to finish some details, but it's obvious that they know what they're doing in that regard. At some point in the future, all commercial games will probably be OS X only, so we're doing all we can to understand the OS and what advantages it offers games.

Be sure and read the rest of this interview for more details. Rogers hints that Aspyr Media may have more than one big announcement for us at Macworld Expo San Francisco, only a few weeks away, so stay tuned to IMG for coverage of that event.

Interview: Aspyr's Michael Rogers

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