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Monday, May 4, 2009
Apple Games Features Commander: Napoleon At War
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 4 comments

Apple Games has taken to the field of historical combat with a feature on Slitherine's Commander: Napoleon At War. In the turn-based strategy game players enter the turbulent Napoleonic Era and try their hands at re-writing history. Apple's article includes an overview of the game's features and a synopsis of the game's eight campaigns.

As I maneuvered infantry and cavalry troops into position, the dying former Emperor began pointing excitedly at the screen: engage cavalry against infantry for the best advantage, and bring in artillery for support from the rear. The Prussian forces near Liege and Brussels soon found themselves pushed back on their heels. I clicked the end turn button and we watched as the Prussians made their moves, countering some of Napoleonís strategy in the process, which he did not appreciate. Perhaps he understood all too well that adage about being doomed to repeat history.

We earned some production points before our next turn, so I opened the production screen to see which units we could purchase to fortify our position. I heard a low gasp when Napoleon saw the image of Eugene de Beauharnais, his stepson and one of the Emperorís key generals during his reign. I clicked through the other military leaders at our disposal. Unfortunately, we couldnít afford any of their services, leaving me to put a unit of light infantry into production.

While I was at it, I checked the technology screen, where we could recruit scientists as well as focus research in five areas: infantry, cavalry, artillery, navy, and warfare. We hadnít accumulated enough production points to recruit a scientist, but we had a focus point that I put into improving the fire discipline of our infantry. Napoleon seemed content to let me make that decision, after frantically pointing at the production screen while I had made the previous choice.
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Apple Games: Napoleon At War
Commander: Napoleon At War

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