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Thursday, December 28, 2000

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Evolution's John Morris on Mac Gaming 2K
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As the end of the year 2000 draws near, now is a good time to look back and reflect upon the year in Mac gaming, and look towards the future as well. Certainly 2000 was a banner year from any perspective, considering that Mac gamers enjoyed not only the release of many A-list PC titles (some simultaneous with the PC releases) but also the emergence of serious, Mac-savvy 3D hardware (the 3dfx Voodoo5 5500 and the ATI Radeon Mac Edition). However, we decided to ask the publishers and developers themselves what they thought of the year in gaming, from their industry insider perspective.

Our next interview is with John Morris of Evolution Interactive, the man behind the Mac OS ports of 3D0's Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Restoration of Erathia and the just-released Heroes III Complete. Here are his thoughts on the year in Mac gaming:

IMG: What are you thoughts on the Macintosh game market? Was this a good year for Mac games? Or is it in a decline?

John Morris: For game players, I think that this has been a pretty good year. There have been a lot more big titles coming out on the platform, giving users a lot more choice in their gaming experiences. From a publisher's point of view, there are more products battling for the wallets of gamers, but it seems like there haven't been too many new users (and their wallets) joining the marketplace. This doesn't bode well for the publishers since it means less sales for their product, and a tougher choice when considering bringing new products to market.

IMG: How has your company fared this year? Are sales going well?

John Morris: We have had our best year yet. Things are going very well on the development side of things.

IMG: Looking to 2001, what things need to be done (either by Apple or the market) to keep growing the Mac games market?

John Morris: Apple needs to push better and more attractive (tech-wise, not just pretty boxes) machines. They need to push the envelope in terms of cpu speed, 3D performance, more RAM, etc. It would also be great if they would bundle some form of controller (a gamepad like the PS2 would be great) with the iMac. It would allow users to see it as more of a gaming platform. It would also let developers be able to target a specific controller, or at least use it as a baseline reference. As a developer, it would be nice to be able to design a game for use with something other than a keyboard or mouse. Apple also needs to solidify/unify their development APIs. It needs to be easier/faster to develop titles for the MacOS.

Publishers need to figure out what games the users want to play. I would like to see more of a variety in game genres, since I am really tired of first person shooters. The shooters may do well on the PC, but the Mac market obviously is a different story. Some risks need to be taken to test the waters for new game styles.

IMG: What's #1 on your wish list as far as the Mac market goes?

John Morris: Getting more gamers and great games into the marketplace. We just want to have fun, right?

Our thanks to John for his thoughtful responses. Be sure and watch for Heroes III Complete on store shelves, and watch IMG for an upcoming review of this title.

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