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Wednesday, December 27, 2000

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Heroes III Complete Ships
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MacNN is reporting that 3DO's Heroes III Complete is now shipping, available by direct order only. This boxed set combines an updated version of the original Heroes III with two full-length expansion packs formerly only available for the PC crowd.

Although it is only available directly, we are hoping this title will also appear on store shelves; we've contacted 3DO about his and will see if other methods of purchasing this title are established. In the meantime you can read more about it by perusing our past articles on the subject and visiting the official web site.

For those of you that already own Heroes III and are irked at having to buy this game over again, PC Heroes 3 players who wanted both expansion packs would end up paying $99 ($39 + 2x$30) for what Mac users are now getting for just $39; the version of Heroes III: Restoration of Erathia included also has several minor bugfixes and updates as well. Watch IMG for a review of this title in the near future.

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