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Monday, April 13, 2009

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Diablo III: The New Look For Skill Trees
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Diablo III Community Manager Bashiok has once again favored Blizzard Entertainment forum readers with a few bits of information about Diablo III, the upcoming continuation of the popular action RPG series. This time the discussion focused on the new look for skill trees in DIII, specifically addressing the concerns of fans who worry the trees are too similar to talent trees seen in World of Warcraft.

People are comparing the trees for a few reasons and using these reasons as negatives. I’ll try to cover them all.

1. “They look similar.“ Yes, they do. They’re both downward expanding trees, they both have icons that you can spend points in, they both have arrows that determine expansion into other skills. These were all features also in the Diablo II trees.

2. “It’s unoriginal.“ I agree. It’s only after 10 (?) or so working concepts of various other skill tree designs that we were able to arrive at the conclusion that this is a system that works and achieves the goals that we want to achieve (we showed those failed designs at BlizzCon btw). There’s no point in trying to put in something new and complex just for the sake of originality. When people play the game will they remember that it’s not new, or that it’s not fun?
I want to heavily stress again on this point that the skill trees are not finished, we’re still in the process of heavy iteration and experimentation.

3. “Point requirements to advance down the tree is lame.“ One of the main problems with the Diablo II trees was point hoarding, which was the act of holding on to all of your points until you are able to reach a skill you want to put points into. This may not be an issue to some players just because it’s so easily dismissed as ‘part of the game’, but from a designer perspective it’s a huge failure. You are giving the player a reward and they are hoarding those rewards because they have nothing enticing to spend them on. This was attempted to be remedied through a patch by introducing synergies, unfortunately they caused their own issues. World of Warcraft looking at the Diablo II trees for inspiration saw this flaw but took a different approach in solving it, instead implementing a point requirement to advance down the tree. The player now has to spend points to advance, and with that comes the ability to provide more impacting and meaningful places to spend them.

4. “Cookie cutter builds!“ Again these are skill trees, not talent trees. Every single ability you can cast/use is learned through spending points in the tree. This allows, in comparison, for a huge amount of customization. Now, that doesn’t escape the truth that there will always be builds considered to be the best, but that’s more an issue of balance, not skill tree layout design.
Also on that point, and I’ve said it before, character customization is a core design goal of the game. It’s one of a few, and that means that we’re not going to release the game unless we’re happy with the amount of customization available.
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