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Wednesday, December 27, 2000

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Myst III: Exile Poll on DVD Version
11:02 AM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

In the recent past the official web site for Cyan and Presto's upcoming adventure title Myst III: Exile has been updated with a poll intended to gauge demand for a DVD version of this title. Games in DVD format are quite rare on the Mac and PC platforms, but are especially well-suited to games of the adventure genre, as these usually ship on multiple CDs and are essentially linear. Not only does a DVD version allow for all the data to be held on a single DVD, eliminating CD-swapping, but it even has room for additional features.

The poll added to the web site asks if you would be willing to pay slightly more for a DVD version, as described below:

As many of you have heard, plans are underway for a special DVD collectors edition of MYST III: Exile.

This collectors
edition will include a special Squee toy, Strategy Guide, The Making of Myst III: Exile, the soundtrack and Atrus's Journal.

We would like to get an idea how many people might be interested in this package.
The price will be $49.95 USD and be available by ordering online. Please complete the poll on this page (once per person) to give us an idea how many would consider ordering this product.

The game itself is due within the next six months, and from the images and movies we have seen it seems a worthy addition to the MYST mythology. Check out the web site for more details, and be sure to read our extensive interview with Susan Weyer of Presto Studios.

Interview: Myst III's Susan Weyer
Myst III: Exile Poll
Presto Studios
Myst III: Exile
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