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Wednesday, December 27, 2000
Ray Swartz on 3dfx End
8:40 AM | Lucian Fong | Comment on this story

Ray Swartz, the man behind the 3dfx RAVE driver for both Voodoo3 and the Voodoo4 and 5 cards,
has made several interesting posts in the XLR8YourMac forums.
He discusses his feelings on the 3dfx acquisition and hints at the
possibility of continued Mac driver development, though by what means we are uncertain, as the source code for the Mac drivers will become the property of NVIDIA if all goes as planned. Here are some excerpts from his posts:

I have no bitter feelings. This was the best job I ever had. I got to
spend a year working at home, getting a lot of exercise, spending plenty
of time with my 7-yr-old daughter, going to WWDC and the Expos, producing
stuff that made a difference to 3dfx's great fans. I learned a ton about
writing drivers.

Right now, I'm sick with pneumonia, so I'm not working until after Xmas.
Also, Nvidia hasn't made me an offer yet, so I'm wondering if I can stay
in the Mac driver business.

Regarding DV and Nightfall: these work fine on the V5, and at times they
have worked on the V3. The underlying Glide support for the V3 seems to
have gotten buggy. For instance, I fix Combat Mission and then Quake is

Before I do the next release, I will test CM, Quake, DV, Nightfall,
Bugdom, and Water Race and there's definitely a chance I can get
them all to work.

Don't get your hopes up yet as very little word has come out of the
3dfx camp and, in all likelihood, they will be dissolved early next year.
Ray also mentions that the leaked Voodoo 4/5 drivers are the first to detect
when Connectix' Virtual Game Station is launched and issue a false report
that the card is actually an ATi chipset, fooling CVGS into working properly. Ray also notes that NVIDIA has not offered him a job; none of the other ex-Mac driver team members from 3dfx have been made offers either, to our knowledge.

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