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Tuesday, December 26, 2000

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New WaterRace Demo, Order Info
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Mac game maker French Touch has released a new demo version of WaterRace, addressing several complaints many users had about the game's difficulty and camera controls and adding two new race courses. They have also established an online ordering system, and have found both European and US distributors, so the game will be on actual store shelves in the near future.

Here is their list of updates:

1) We have received the copies from production a few days ago so the
pre-orders are now closed.
You can buy the WaterRace CD (with printed users manual) for US $39 only
(international shipping & handling included!!) from our web site.
You should get your copy in one or two weeks depending on your location.

2) We have released a new version of the WaterRace demo.
New & improved features in WaterRace demo 1.1:


  • new ship: Formula 1 (!)
  • new levels: Artic & Halong (!)
  • improved camera
  • adaptative AI (the bots now wait for the human player so he/she does
    not race alone)
  • a bit less difficult


  • fixed a problem with the error messages displayed when QD3D was not
  • now renders using the Apple Software engine on 3Dfx V3 cards. You need
    to trash the WaterRace preference file located inside the "French
    Touch" folder of the Preferences folder.
  • mouse support (hidden option)


  • If you have installed MacOS X Beta, you need to remove the "Classic
    Rave" extension located inside the Extensions folder to play
  • If you are in trouble controlling the ships, read the enclosed "Ship
    Driving tips" text file.
  • 3Dfx V3 compatibility with WaterRace is not assured anymore, since
    3Dfx went out of business before their Mac driver team was able to fix
    the remaining bugs which should have been fixed in 1.1.3 final.
    We are now trying to figure out a workaround solution.
French Touch also notes that they will release a patch for the full version of WaterRace in the near future, and also notes that a French version of the demo is now available. Be sure and grab the updated demo from Macgamefiles.com.

WaterRace Demo
French Touch
WaterRace Order Page
French Touch

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