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Friday, December 22, 2000
New Deus Ex Maps and Mods
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Mac Deus Ex, an Inside Mac Games Network site, is spreading the Christmas cheer a little early this weekend. MDX just released 5 new maps and 3 new mods for use with the Macintosh version of Deus Ex. From mountainous peaks to underground worlds, the maps add new environments to Deus Ex, while the mods add new weapons and augmentations. Here is Mac Deus Ex's webmaster Robert Baird with more info:

    ...Out of the maps you've got several to choose from, all are excellent. You'll find the recent "Dock Side" multiplayer map, a conspiring "MJ12 Infiltration" map, a towering "Mountain" map, a Japanese "Salonika Tower" map (I don't even know what Salonika means!), and a topsy-turvy "Underground World" map. Out of the Mods there is the Warzone mod that completely overhauls the weapons system in Deus Ex, and the UC mod which is a total conversion of the augmentations within Deus Ex. The "Stun Rifle" mod electrically charges a bullet as it exits the sniper rifle, allowing you to shock unsuspecting victims...

As an added bonus for low-banwidth users, all 8 files (adding their sizes together) come in under 1MB. Head on over to Mac Deus Ex for more information and download locations.

Mac Deus Ex

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