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Friday, December 22, 2000
Dream Seedz Myth TC released
12:10 PM | Charles George | Comment on this story

Apparently tis the season for Myth II total conversions. They Might be Mapmakers has released the 'darkest' TC yet to date. Called Dream Seedz, this mod features all new units and over 5 new maps. Here is the description from the download page at the Mill:

Dreamseedz is a TC by MPM of They Might Be Mapmakers, featuring 7 new units, 5+ new scenery pieces, and multiple retextured models. Brand new physics allow bodyparts and other projectiles to float on water. Dark art and disturbing scenery add to the dark feel that permeates this plugin. You take control of Matoliar, a wizard of the Zaelvanipura temple, as his "spirit guide", guiding him through his intuition into the land of Entarguyec Valley. Entarguyec Valley is a muddy, rocky place, infested with arachnid/lizard creatures known as smagorts, as well as the mildly intelligent humanoid Garloxian race. The second level takes you to the almost-pretty, strangely symmetrical garden of the Molark wizards, the evil beings behind this plot.
The ratings at the Mill have all been fairly high so be sure to try out this TC. The Plugin can be downloaded at the Mill and weighs in at approximately 25 megs.

They Might be Mapmakers
Dark Seedz Myth II Plug-in

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