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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

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Diablo III: The Value Of Gold
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Blizzard Entertainment community manager Bashiok has once again commented on the upcoming Diablo III, the company's return to the popular action RPG franchise. This time the discussion centers on the value of gold in the new game in light of its relative worth in Diablo II.

Gambling in Diablo II. Money sink.

If you want to get into, buying anything from any vendor is drawing wealth out of the economy and therefore could be considered a gold sink.

I know what you mean though, you're talking about the huge $$ investments that don't provide immediate benefits to your character. Which, by the way, ground/flying mounts in World of Warcraft wouldn't figure in to as your increase in income from simply traveling faster more than makes up for it. But that's not really important here...

We're attempting to build a more stable economy in Diablo III, and just like Diablo II did, we will have ways to draw money out of players. If that means there will be big ticket items or not, I don't know, could be. If we want to throw out gold as much as Diablo II did we'll definitely need some better places to spend it if we want gold to be worth anything.

To address the OP, we don't like the idea of binding items just because Diablo is a trading game. To take away that ease of trade but add an asterisk behind it stating "Unless you pay a lot of money", it'll just make it feel... I don't know... kind of crappy. There are better ways to go about keeping a stable economy, and whenever possible they should be on things the player finds helpful, useful, or at the very least "fun".

...A free trade system isn't as impactful as all that on the worth of gold. It's about controlling the amount of gold that's out there and providing compelling places to spend it. Diablo II's main failings here were that tons of gold was thrown out without having enough places to spend it. It was awesome because everyone loves picking up money, but without any place to spend it it's worthless. As I said there was gambling, but gambling really wasn't that compelling the way it was set up, and aside from that ... there wasn't much.

Now if you want gold because there's something to spend it on that interests you, then it's worth something, and all of a sudden selling an item for gold becomes very compelling.
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