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Friday, December 22, 2000
Bungie FanFest Info
6:00 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Those lucky enough to be attending the upcoming Macworld San Fransisco Expo might consider stopping by the now-famous Bungie FanFest. A recent update to Bungie.net gives the scoop on what will be happening at this gathering of Bungie elite:

  • Keynote Address: Matt Soell, our "Community Guy" and human pincussion, will be opening the show with what's sure to become an institution. The content is a closely guarded secret, but the keynote is sure to be interesting and informative in that special Bungie way.
  • Door Prizes: We'll see what goodies we can dig up from deep within the Bungie vault. Don't worry, we won't try to offload any XBox merchandise on you.
  • Fan Trivia Contest: We've been planning this one for a while. Sort of a cross between Millionaire, Win Ben Stein's Money, and the Dating Game. Study up on your Bungie history and you may earn a spot as one of the three luckily knowledgeable contestants, a chance to win a cool prize, and a your place in Bungie history.
  • Chat with Bungie: The entire Bungie Online Team will be there to shirk your questions and generally act aloof. See if you can sneak one past!

For more specifics on time and place, head over to Bungie Sightings page (who have coincidentally just published their report from the Macworld New York event). Along with the normal festivities, a mini-LAN will probably be set up, so bring you laptop and get ready to frag away. More details about the festival will be announced as it gets closer to the actual event.

Bungie Sightings Web Site

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