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Thursday, January 1, 2009

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Apple Games Features Petz Sports, iPod Slyder Adventures
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Apple Games recently published two new articles covering Ubisoft's Petz Sports and Sandlot Games' Slyder Adventure for iPod. Petz Sports gives players the chance to train a puppy to compete in a variety of challenges, while in Slyder Adventures players navigate a colorful series of levels in a quest to collect food and beat the clock. The articles include overviews of the games' features as well as tips and tricks for success.

From Petz Sports article:

The games, which become available after completing your first set of races in the Street Cup, consist of jumping rope and playing fetch. During the former, you command your dog to jump to the beat of the music, performing special moves when indicated. In the latter, you use a slingshot to hit targets with a tennis ball; successful strikes result in your dog leaping through the air to catch the ball.

When teaching tricks to your pet, pick up a treat and guide it along the path, turning it when necessary — if you stray too far outside the lines, your dog will eat the treat and you’ll have to start over. Complete that task three times to teach your new dog old tricks; teach your dog a routine by quickly completing several tricks in succession.

You’ll need to move between races, tricks, and games as you build up your dog’s skills; you must complete all of them at a certain level of difficulty to unlock the next one. The strength and stamina your dog accumulates from tricks and games come in handy during races, where he must slalom through series of poles, leap over hurdles, circle cones, cross narrow beams, and jump across sandpits. You’ll compete in four racing cups: Street, City, National, and World — the final one takes place in a sold-out stadium with thousands of cheering fans.
From Slyder Adventures article:
Guide Slyder and three of his friends — Boffo, Sparky, and Unger — through over 150 levels spanning four worlds. In Exploration mode, play at your own pace, discovering all a level has to offer. Chomp on food, such as cheese, milkshakes, and ice cream cones, for points. In Timed mode, race against the clock to reach the goal before time runs out, or lose a life. Scarf up cherries for points and look for clocks that each add two precious seconds.

Of course, you won’t get to the end of each level without having to navigate past a few obstacles. Collect keys that open like-colored doors and press switches that open others, but only for a few seconds. Various types of goo slow you down, while spinners produce a disorienting effect if touched. Steam and fire vents, electrified walls, lava, and robots of various types take away a life if you make contact. You start with three lives and earn a new one every 10,000 points, so it’s important to collect as many goodies as possible.

In the end, Slyder Adventures proves an adage that’s nearly as old as gravity: The simplest concepts often make the best games. Once you give this one a whirl, we bet you’ll agree.
Visit the pages below to read the full articles.

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