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Wednesday, December 20, 2000
Ask Maxis at SNG
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Fan site Sim Network Gaming is hosting an interview with Maxis employees in the future, and visitors to their site can submit their own questions for the event. Here are the details:

Through December 23rd, Sim Network Gaming (http://sngaming.com) will be
taking visitor questions regarding The Sims, SimCity, or SimCity.com to be
forwarded to participating Maxis employees Daniel Grove and Sean Baity.
Visitors can feel free to submit as many questions as they want through our
handy form, but due to the large number of questions we expect to receive,
all of them will not be able to be answered. We'll likely have the answers
online by early next year, as one of many features for our Kickoff 2001
Celebration at Sim Network Gaming.
So, if you have a burning question to ask of Maxis, be sure and submit it to SNG. If you've ever played any of these titles, this site is well worth the visit, as it is full of tips, tricks and other such items.

Submit Questions for Maxis
Sim Network Gaming

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