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Wednesday, December 20, 2000
Mac Oni Demo Update
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A helpful IMG reader posted in our forums with news of an update from Bungie's Mat Soell on the status of the Mac demo of Oni, the third-person action title due this January. According to Matt, we should be seeing this demo in the near future, after some last-minute testing. Here is his update, posted on the forums of Oni Central:

Just got word that the reworked Mac demo is almost ready to go. We'll be sending it to Gathering later today. They might run it through another testing gauntlet but in any case you shouldn't have to wait much longer. Thanks for being patient with us. :-)
Our sources have confirmed that the demo is indeed on track and may be out as early as Friday. Keep an eye on MacGameFiles.com, that's where it will pop up!

Matt Soell on Mac Oni Demo Status

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