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Monday, November 24, 2008

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Pirates Of The Caribbean Online Q&A
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Massive Gamer has posted a new interview with Mike Goslin about Disney's MMO, Pirates of the Caribbean Online. The interview examines the state of the game a year after it's initial release, surprises encountered along the way, and plans for the future. PotCO features real-time combat, ship to ship battles, and a variety of other pirate themed activities.

Massive Gamer: When you look back on the last year, whatís been the biggest surprise? I mean, what do you look at today and think, man, a year ago I would NEVER have predicted that?
Goslin: We got a lot of older players. We were focusing on young teenagers as our audience, and hoping for some of their parents. But a large percentage of players are over 18. Some of them are playing with their kids, but a lot are just older, more casual MMOG players. We wound up much more in the competitive space than we thought we would be.

Massive Gamer: What demographic has responded best to POTC?
Goslin: Older players became subscribers, but thatís not to say the younger players didnít get their parents involved. Weíre still trying to tease out the whys behind our demographics.
A lot of players tell us that what drove them to the game were the films. That served as a great bridge for people who hadnít tried this kind of game before. We have a pretty large number of customers new to the space.
Visit the page linked below to read the rest of Goslin's comments.

Massive Gamer: PotCO Q&A
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Pirates of the Caribbean Online

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