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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

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Wakfu: Turn-Based Combat, Death, PvP
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

RPGVault recently published an interview with Ankama's Graziella Marie and Camille Chafer about the company's upcoming tactical MMORPG, Wakfu. The interview covers a variety of topics related to the game including the turn based combat system, Player vs player plans, and the game's death system.

Jonric: Since you stated last time that Wakfu will use a turn-based combat system, why is this so, and what are the keys to success?
Graziella Marie & Camille Chafer: Wakfu's combat system is very different from those in more traditional MMORPGs. We were convinced that this was the right direction from the very beginning of our work on Dofus. We wanted to inject a good amount of strategy into the fighting system, and that suits the genre very well.
There are many activities for players who'd rather not get too deep into the combat aspect of the game. For example, they can become protectors of the environment, or train to become experts in one of many crafting professions.
Success in combat is based on good tactics and positioning of characters, but to add some spice to the concept, players will receive bonuses for finishing their turn quickly.

Jonric: Are you planning to have PvP, how important will it be, and what are the major features and elements?
Graziella Marie & Camille Chafer: A PvP system is in the pipeline, and this will become even more important when we implement the political system. We can't really say too much more about it for the moment, but we'll return to this important feature in the near future.

Jonric: How about the death system? Will it include penalties such as lost experience points? Will Wakfu have hardcore servers like Dofus does?
Graziella Marie & Camille Chafer: We decided to go for a system that penalizes characters when they die. They will lose some XP, with the amount depending on the characters' stats. At the same time, being players ourselves, we know how painful it is to see those hard-won points being eaten away, so we have developed a profession in which members can learn to bring their companions back to life, reducing the loss considerably in the process. The point of this scheme is to create an awareness of the negative aspects of dying, while simultaneously making things more interesting for role-players, or those who like to dedicate themselves 100 percent to their vocations.
We're pushing these negative aspects of dying even farther with Wakfu's "heroic" server - which exists already for Dofus. On it, character death is permanent.
To read the full interview and check out some exclusive screenshots head over to the links below.

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